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Our Magic Mirror  Photo Booth is a luxury and glamorous selfie mirror which captures full-length photos using a reflective touch screen.

Strike a pose then customize your pictures using the on-screen paint pad. Your pictures are printed in less than 10 seconds.

High-Quality Photo Booths

Using the very latest technology, imported from the USA, our Magic Mirror Selfie Mirror is so much more than a traditional photo booth. Our Magic Mirror can be completely personalized for your event with so many features including signing your name on the mirror, stamps & emojis, high quality photos and many more.

How it works

  • The guests will see their reflection in the mirror regardless of their height, no adjusting stools or trying to fit in a cramped booth

  • Animations play to guide them to touch the glass and even sign their name and add emojis on the mirror

  • The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror and guests receive an instant personalized print.

Why the Magic Mirror instead of a traditional photo booth?

  • It’s a new, rarely seen concept, cutting edge technology imported from the USA. Be one of the first by using the Magic Mirror at your event.

  • A real Magical Mirror allows guests at your event to see themselves in real-time interacting with the Mirror.

  • Blow the minds of anyone at your event with touch technology and gesture control to interact with the mirror.

  • Add a touch of glamour to your event with our Magic Mirror.

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