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Add Even More Fun To YOUR PARTY!


Virtual Reality racing cockpit

Strap on your headset and race to the finish! We’ve got great racing titles that let you get “on the track” and feel the G Forces as you head for the checkered flag!

Add Racing
Simulator for
$ 69

Simulator With VR $ 99
1.5 Hrs

Virtual Reality Oculus or PS4 VR Headset

Have your mind blown by any of our 60 + Virtual Reality Game Titles. You can go flying, fighting, driving, climbing, and pretty much anything you can imagine under the sun in these games. If you haven’t had a virtual reality experience before, now’s your chance!

$ 59 - 1.5 hrs


Add Rock Band to your party!

Build your reputation as a rock god with the iconic Fender Jaguar guitar controller design and make traveling to Rock Band gigs easier, thanks to a brand new foldable guitar! If drums are where you really shine, feel free to take your jam sessions to the next level with your real wooden drum sticks in hand. Belt it out and stay on key with the distortion-free microphone, which provides accurate voice reproduction, detects loud and quiet singers, and features an extra-long USB cable for up to 15 feet of stage space.

Add Rock Band for $ 49

Giant Connect Four

Players take turns placing the color-coded disks into the slots to get 4 in a row and win! Great fun for adults and kids alike, and great for large events.

Add Giant Connect Four $ 39
or combine with Giant Jenga for just $ 70


Add Giant Jenga to your event!

Build a “giant tower” then take turns carefully removing blocks, one a time. The first one to tumble the tower is the loser! Great fun for “kids” of all ages.

Add Giant Jenga $ 39
or combine with Giant Connect Four for just $ 69


How low can you go? That is the question. see who has the skills to make it to the top, or in this case, the bottom! (Recommended for grass surfaces only)

ADD Limbo for just $ 39


BeaN Bag Toss

A party favorite! Everyone loves a game of Cornhole! Grab a bag and be a hotshot with a hole in one throw. Test your skills and challenge your friends and 

then it's game on! 

ADD Cornhole for just
$ 39

Pool Table

Play a game of pool outdoors with your friends at the Game Truck! How fun right? Besides, where else can kids go to play pool around here? we gotcha covered!

Party Add-ON       $69 
Regular Hourly Play  $ 35 Hour

5fbb8ea6dfa07724a96fe050_Air Hockey tabl



ADD an air hockey table for
$ 69


He shoots! He Scores! The crowd goes wild... kinda. Picture all that just miniaturised. Slap and shoot. that ball around as you try to get that elusive winning goal. FOOSBALL! Keeping things exciting. 

ADD a foosball table for just $ 59

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